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16th Street Productions

Award Winning Production House

Welcome to 16th Street Productions LLC. Through meaningful storytelling, creative visual content production and film festival strategy we help filmmakers, agencies and brands connect with audiences in new and innovative ways.
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In 2009, Vijaykumar established 16th Street Productions in Australia and later in 2012 moved to USA. It is an award-winning independent production house specializing in creating content - short form, long form, digital and social media, format development for TV shows, series, documentaries, short films, corporate films, ads, sizzles, podcasts and CSR. The company motto is “being the change” and specializes in social stories and subjects that need a voice.

The recent LGBTQ+ film "Coming Out with the help of a Time Machine" was under Oscar(R) 2023 consideration for best Live Action Short. Some films have screened at Tribeca, Cannes Court Metrage and many other Academy Qualifying festivals. The subjects are Autism, Homelessness, Women Empowerment, Racism against Asians during the Pandemic, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+, Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse and Mental illness, Veterans, Child Sexual Abuse, Pandemic, Disability and so on. The short films and documentaries have garnered over 200 international film festival screenings and over 70 awards. The company works in collaboration with creative filmmakers, production companies and Tv networks works to share their stories in making a difference.

Currently an African feature film "Le Chant Des Fusils", two South Asian short films "Dos Bros Force" and "Zoe" are just started their film festival journey. Another two short films and two feature documentaries are in post-production. 

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Award Winning Storyteller

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A courageous filmmaker who believes in giving back to the community by supporting on humanitarian issues that matter. His films break through the clutter of mundane storytelling and bring out interesting narrative hooks that set a platform for meaningful and engaging conversations. His latest short film as co-producer on LGBTQ+ "Coming out with the help of a Time Machine" is currently under Oscar Consideration. It also screened at Tribeca, Cannes Court Metrage. His Black Lives Matter “Divide-Time To Breathe” also screened at Cannes Court Metrage in 2021.

With a Film Directors course from Sydney, he has amassed over 200 international film festival selections including Academy (R), BAFTA, Canadian Screen Awards and over 70 awards in documentaries, short films, marketing and promotions. He is a recipient of two Diamond awards from California Film Awards, Redemptive Storyteller Award from Virginia Beach, Making a Difference Award from Montana, 2 REMI Awards amongst many others.

In 2008, his directorial documentary on Autistic children “They Are No Less” was broadcast on Aljazeera, his Australian documentary on homelessness “Where The Streets Have No Name” was screened at 33 International film festivals winning 14 awards and broadcast in Germany, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Australia, US and is now on Amazon Prime.

His other films are on child sexual abuse (Zoe), African militants (Le Chant Des Fusils), depression (The stranger in the room), veterans (To Be Forgotten), women empowerment (Habaneros), LGTBQ (Paese Che Vai - When in Rome), impact of racism on Asian Americans during the Pandemic (Love Can’t Be Locked Down), a true story of eternal love (The Last Jam Jar), a thriller (The Process). His current projects are feature documentaries on Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse and Mental Illness.

VJ recently co-hosted and produced a Singing Reality Show "C2B Voices" in India and is expected to be on air mid-2023. He is also a fashion model and regularly walks the NYFW runway and is the brand ambassador of a hip-hop fashion wear "GHSLwear". ​

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